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Our Products

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Inspired Designs


Vouture symbolizes one designer’s vision and dream to make people feel beautiful.
Vouture offers women's ready-to-wear clothing, design and custom-made bridal gowns, as well as special occasion and prom dresses. In addition, Vouture also offers business and professional attire for men and women ranging from suits to dresses, and blouses.

Her inspirations come from life, art, history, travel, culture, and the people who inspire her. With her knowledge and years of experience with fitting customers, Vien is able to make her garments look flattering, elegant and completely stunning.

You are welcome to bring in your concept and Vien would be more than happy to help you design whatever you can dream of! She has a wide selection of color charts and fabrics for you to choose from. Making your dream a reality with its unique vibrancy and timeless elegance!


Earth-Friendly Practices

At Vouture we know exactly where our materials come from because we've traveled the world to source the right fabrics and notions.  


Stellar Culture and Products

With twenty plus years as a Certified Fitter and Tailor, Vien has worked with all shapes and sizes. Her demeanor will put you at ease and make the dress experience the most relaxing part of planning your wedding.  

Giving Back

Vien has always believed in helping the community. She is a part of the Salem Chamber of Commerce and donates her time to helping young women learn how to run their own businesses.